Boost Whitening

v-perfectSmileWe are proud to offer professional whitening services using Opalescence Boost. This in-office whitening treatment is chemically-activated and does not require the use of an ultraviolet light. It works quickly, giving you whiter teeth in about an hour!

During the procedure, we will apply a unique chemical formula to your teeth. This special formula contains potassium nitrate and fluoride, which helps to reduce tooth sensitivity, fortify tooth enamel and provide increased cavity protection. So not only are you whitening your teeth, you are strengthening them at the same time!

The whitening formula comes in pre-measured syringes. The pre-packaging ensures that the formula is kept fresh and that the formula is properly blended together. The formula is also red in color, so we can easily apply it evenly to your teeth.

In just one visit, we will apply the Opalescence Boost whitening formula, wait for the allotted time and reveal your brighter, whiter smile!